Antelope Canyon


Possible encounters may include, but are not limited to: Indiana Jones, aliens + fairies.

Okay, okay… I can let my imagination get the best of me at times, but you get the idea. It’s an other worldly type of experience + one you will not soon forget.

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located just east of Page, Arizona. It is on Navajo land + the getting there is almost as beautiful. We drove down from Utah stopping by Monument Valley + Horseshoe Bend along the way.

We took the Dixie Ellis Canyon Tour + had a great experience. A good pace (slow enough to get the photo + video footage you may want, but you’re certainly never waiting around) + full of interesting info about the canyon. It does get fairly crowded in the canyon + being the desert, very hot in the summer months. I’d suggest booking your tour early to mid spring if possible. We visited in March + the weather was ideal.

I left the canyon with a feeling of awe. The flowing movement, the vibrant colors, the sparkling light rays… water can do beautiful things!

Have you been to Antelope Canyon?! How was your experience?

Happy Trails,

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