Arches National Park

This park is so unreal. It feels other worldly at times with all the red-orange terrain. We had some unlucky timing with wind in this park + got blasted with sand several times, but hey, part of the experience right?!

The Windows 

To the windows…(to the walls)! A must see for everyone visiting Arches National Park. It’s packed full of different arches to explore with little ground to cover in between. Since it’s less of a hike, you can expect more tourists. BUT, there’s plenty to see + most people don’t stay that long so if you’re willing to be a little patient you can find pockets of peace to take in the view with out people everywhere, get your pics for the gram or take a video.

Delicate Arch

A highlight for us at Arches was Delicate Arch.

At first when we made it to the top, it so dang windy I couldn’t even get a good view of the arch, haha. I had sand in my contacts + my hat continued to be blown off. As you can imagine, it was a very glamorous start! We chose to wait it out, had a snack bar + not much later the wind died down enough for us to enjoy the view. So, so worth it.

The hike up is moderate with some steady inclines (climbs 480 ft) + open areas on the rocks that can be fairly windy. It’s one of the most popular sites to see at Arches + easy to see why! It’s a 3 mile roundtrip + hiked by people of all ages. There are also a couple of lookouts where you can view Delicate Arch from a distance, but if you can I highly recommend taking the time to do the hike + getting your views up close! It’s quite the experience.

The Campground

We stayed in the Arches campground one night so we could wake up + hike Delicate Arch the next day. We had a nice quiet site + enjoyed hanging out playing cards (we have a infinite gin rummy tournament going on, pretty sure I’m winning), a fire + making dinner. To top it off a bunch of deer grazed through our site to say hello!

Will + I have been to other NP’s before, together + separate when we were younger. However, Arches was the perfect beginning to our National Parks adventure together with Dodge (our pup) + Miles (our van).

What’s your favorite National Park? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Trails,