Seven Magic Mountains

Life size Fruity Pebbles!

Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. It’s about 30 minutes outside Vegas + in my opinion worth the mini road trip if you’re in the vicinity.

I’ll admit, this was even better to see in person than I thought. I wanted to see it while we were in the area, but it was taller + brighter than I’d imagined. A very neat contrast to it’s desert surroundings.

We didn’t expect the installation to be so packed with tourists + had poor timing. Rookie move, haha. If you’re planning a visit I recommend going early in the morning to skip the crowds!

If you’re looking for other things to see/do around Vegas checkout Fremont Street + The Neon Museum.

Happy Trails,

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum was pretty lit! 😉 Honest to goodness, this place made my little designer heart so happy! It’s jam packed with color, type + pattern inspiration. I left with my creative juices flowing. If you are a fan of design and/or history, it is 100% worth checking out next time you’re in Vegas….

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Downtown Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! After our camp reservation at Zion was up, we didn’t have a solid plan for our next destination + somehow ended up in Vegas. The magic of van life, haha. We drove into Vegas just in time for a late dinner on the strip. We chose sushi at RA Sushi Bar since…

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Zion National Park

Zion had me smiling from ear to ear. It’s the most commercial of the UT parks, by far the busiest + yet for me, a favorite of the three Utah National Parks we visited. I enjoyed the hikes in Zion more than the other parks, Angel’s Landing especially. Don’t get me wrong, all the parks…

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Canyonlands National Park

Silly me, I thought after seeing Arches NP, Canyonlands wouldn’t be so cool. I was wrong. I literally gasped at the first lookout we stopped at, it was so much grander than I imagined. Definitely don’t count it out. It’s also a little less crowded than the other parks in Utah, which is always a…

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Arches National Park

This park is so unreal. It feels other worldly at times with all the red-orange terrain. We had some unlucky timing with wind in this park + got blasted with sand several times, but hey, part of the experience right?! The Windows  To the windows…(to the walls)! A must see for everyone visiting Arches National…

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Antelope Canyon

Warning! Possible encounters may include, but are not limited to: Indiana Jones, aliens + fairies. Okay, okay… I can let my imagination get the best of me at times, but you get the idea. It’s an other worldly type of experience + one you will not soon forget. Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located just…

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Utah, a van lifers dream! At one point we just started calling it van central station. It’s always nice to meet new people, compare rigs, talk travels + get some trail advice from other van lifers. Talk about a welcoming community. I love that everyone simply enjoys the lifestyle so much, the excitement boils over…

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New Mexico + Colorado

We cruised through both New Mexico + Colorado pretty quick, just a couple days in each state. We did our best trying to comfortably cram in as much as possible on our way to make our reservations in Arches National Park. Although our time was short we enjoyed every second! New Mexico The land of…

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Hey All, actually let’s get in the spirit… Howdy Y’all! We kicked off our new van adventure heading to Texas! We only made a couple stops along the way + bee-lined it for the lone star state in order to meet up with some family. We ended up staying a little over a week +…

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