Downtown Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

After our camp reservation at Zion was up, we didn’t have a solid plan for our next destination + somehow ended up in Vegas. The magic of van life, haha.

We drove into Vegas just in time for a late dinner on the strip. We chose sushi at RA Sushi Bar since it’s not something we have the option of getting very often in the van, a solid choice. It was delicious! I recommend the crazy monkey roll. It was a unique combo + crazyyy good. After dinner we played tourist + walked around the strip.

We weren’t in Vegas long + opted to spend most of the time we had exploring downtown, but happy we had a little time on the strip as well. Will hadn’t been to downtown Vegas yet so I was excited to show him around.

Personally I prefer downtown to the strip. It’s smaller, not quite as grand + has less restaurant/shopping options, BUT it has cheaper drinks, more street performers (Michael Jackson, Elvis + magicians) + my favorite part it’s full of that old Vegas charm. The retro signs, old buildings + colorful street murals make downtown a win in my eyes.

Happy Trails,