New Mexico + Colorado

We cruised through both New Mexico + Colorado pretty quick, just a couple days in each state. We did our best trying to comfortably cram in as much as possible on our way to make our reservations in Arches National Park. Although our time was short we enjoyed every second!

New Mexico

The land of enchantment. We only spent one night here + stayed in Cibola National Forest just outside of Albuquerque. We mostly stayed in the van that night because, wow was it windy! The next morning we woke up + took a little hike up to Cibola peak. The terrain looking down was beautiful!

We planned to snowboard in New Mexico, but there was a storm in Colorado + we couldn’t resist, so our stay was cut short. Sorry NM! We’ll catch ya more next time.


Colorful Colorado. Can you tell I’m a sucker for the state slogans?! I love seeing the welcome signs each time we enter a new state… it never gets old!

Colorado is a dream. It’s one of our favorite states. How could it not be!? We stayed in Pagosa Springs + snowboarded at Wolf Creek Ski Area for a couple of days. We both mentioned at one point that Wolf Creek might be our favorite spot we’ve boarded. Maybe we were blessed with perfect timing, but we never had to wait in a line for the lift + the mountain had very boarder friendly runs. Bonus, at the bottom of one of the runs there’s a trailer that sells super yummy tacos for only $3. Usually the food at a ski lodge is really overpriced (we often pack our own lunch) + we thought that was a steal!

After a full day boarding on the mountain we explored Pagosa Springs + stumbled upon Kip’s Grill. It was jam packed with people, but was quick to get a spot. We liked it so much we went back the next day + ordered the exact same thing, haha. If ya like it, ya like it, right?! We recommend taco #3! At night we explored some of the hot springs along the river running through town. It was a little awkward being so public, but we really didn’t care especially after a couple days of boarding. The hot springs in Pagosa Springs range from 80 to 114 degrees. We opted for a cooler one + even our pup Dodger hopped right in at one point.

Where are your favorite spots in NM + CO? We’d love to hear recommendations for the next time we roll through!

Happy Trails,